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Bounce back from pain and return to your favorite sports activities with personalized, 1-on-1 physical therapy.
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Only work with Doctors of Physical Therapy in 1-on-1, personalized environment.
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Minimizing pain is the minimum. Let's get you back to 100% performance and beyond.
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Not a typical clinic
Get full physical therapy sessions, in a gym with tools for both treatment and recovery.
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Hi Physical Therapy, Meet Gym.

Don't just receive the best care to address your pain, but also access all the equipment needed to rebuild gains and get back into your favorite activities, stronger and more confident.
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Recovery Stories

"Without a good physical therapist, you're really going to hesitate. You're not going to know how much to push yourself, and you're going to be worrying about re-injuring yourself."
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- Rob Marinelli
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Road to Recovery

Everyone's pain is different. The Recovery Playbook is personalized for you to go from being in pain to being back in action as quickly as possible.
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Understand your Pain

Talk to a Doctor of Physical Therapy about your pain and understand the best path toward recovery in a 15-minute complimentary call.
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Create a Game Plan

Get a plan of attack that addresses your strengths, weaknesses, and pain through a 90-minute evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
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Start your Treatment

Execute your personalized treatment plan with 1-on-1 physical therapy and strength & conditioning, all tracked in an easy-to-use app.
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Leap over your Limits

Return to the activities you love with confidence and gain lifetime knowledge of preventing your injury from returning.

Stop guessing,
Start understanding.

What's your pain saying?
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