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"Without a good physical therapist, you're really going to hesitate. You're not going to know how much to push yourself, and you're going to be worrying about re-injuring yourself."
Rob Marinelli testimonial
- Rob Marinelli
ACL Tear
"The biggest change in my life is just being able to do normal everyday activities with confidence. Thanks to Dr. Mitko, I am also able to return to Crossfit which was always the original goal. To go back and stay pain-free."
Jamie Paul
- Jamie Paul
Rotator Cuff Injury
"Before working with Dr. Mitko, I was constantly in pain. My girls would ask me to throw them around and I would say ok but only two times. Now if my daughters want me to throw them around for 30 minutes, I can do it. I can do anything I want. The quality of life is night and day."
Nick Hess
- Nick Hess
Back Injury

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Recovered Athletes

Raul B

Baseball Player

"Dr. Mitko is truly amazing. I went to him with a shoulder injury a few months ago. It was affecting my workouts, my day to day, and it prevented me from throwing a ball without feeling pain. When we met, we went through several tests and discussed my history, and from that, he was able to formulate a plan. We met weekly and he also had additional exercises for me to do at home. Every week, we...
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Courtney R

Group Fitness Enthusiast

"Dr. Mitko is THE best Physical Therapist in the Tampa Bay Area! I had my last session with him today and I am forever grateful to have worked with him. From the very beginning, Dr. Mitko was thorough, attentive and extremely kind. The way he cares for his patients is unmatched. I always felt safe, knowing that whatever physical ailments needed to be addressed, he would be right there to...
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Patrick M


"Dr. Mitko was great! Couldn’t recommend more. Chill guy that knows his stuff. Adapted to schedule needs and programmed homework in advance. Definitely recommend him."
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Rob M

Ice Hockey Player

"I went to Dr. Mitko after having ACL reconstruction surgery and struggling very badly in my first month and a half of recovery. I was barley walking the first time I went into Plyogenix for my assessment. By the time I graduated from PT my knee was feeling as strong as my non-operated leg with extreme confidence in using it. I'm able to sprint, jump at full speed and most importantly skate...
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Jamie P


"Dr. Mitko is an absolute game-changer! After battling with two rotator cuff injuries, I was skeptical about ever getting back to my favorite activities, especially CrossFit. However, working with Dr. Mitko for six months completely turned things around. His approach is incredibly data-driven, which not only reassured me but also allowed me to see tangible progress week after...
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Nick H

Golfer & Basketball Player

"Dr. Mitko at Plyogenix quite literally turned my life around. I’ve always considered myself to be very athletic but as I got away from competitive sports in college I stopped taking care of my body. Fast forward a decade and to having two young daughters and it had been years since I had attempted to hit the gym on a regular basis. Low back pain had been an issue since leaving college for a...
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Alvaro E


"Dr. Mitko is an excellent PT. In my case I have a torn left shoulder labrum and had surgery over 2 years ago. Pain eventually came back and went back to another orthopedic surgeon who suggested the possibility of repeat surgery. I decided to give Mitko a go and my shoulder went from a 40-50% to a 80% just by following his treatment. Will he hear your labrum? No, but my shoulder has not been...
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Chantal G

Mom of 3

"I was prescribed statins and had severe side effects. I was suffering from intense muscle pain, so much so that I could not go up the stairs at work of take my dogs for walks. A friend recommended Dr. Mitko and after a consultation I decided to do physical therapy. I bought a package of sessions the went over a couple months. Dr. Mitko was very knowledgeable, kind and encouraging throughout...
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Dr. Lou M


"I am glad to have meet Dr. Mitko Dimitrov a physical therapy expert in Downtown St. Petersburg Florida. His experience and knowledge exceeds any other physical therapist who I have meet. I had back and shoulder issues which he has educated me to improve my strength and increased my ability to continue my workout goals. I would definitely recommend him to not only those professional athletes bu...
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Tommy G


"I'm a 53 year old man and I have had chronic and at times severe right hip pain for 20+ years. I have worked in retail positions that required standing for 8 to 12 hours a day on hard floor surfaces. The pain has been so intense at times it affects my sleep, requiring me to take over the counter pain medication every night before bed. Also, after being stationary or seated for more than 20 min...
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Tom S


"Dr, Mitko is the best PT ever! I had a great experience being treated by him. He's a super nice, positive and caring individual and very easy to talk with. His level of accessibility and responsiveness was unlike anything I have ever experienced with someone in the health care space. He also focuses 100% of his attention on you during your session. He's not seeing three people at once, like...
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Emma F


"Dr. Mitko is the best! He created a personalized physical therapy plan for me to decrease my pain and increase my strength and overall capacity. He altered my plan throughout the program based on my individual needs and truly pushed me to reach my potential. I have become much stronger physically and mentally thanks to Dr. Mitko!"
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